I have been receiving treatment from Trish for over 14 years. Five years ago I had back surgery and Trish was very helpful before and after my surgery. My monthly visits are a must and keep on top of any problems.

It is not going too far to say that Trish keeps me walking. With one paralysed foot and the other over-working to make up for it, my monthly treatments help restore bits and pieces to where they should be, and get muscles working again which have not twitched for many years. Although I dread confessing to ‘where it hurts’, I know it is worth it, as Trish instantly knows what to do to relieve the pain and to get my body starting to function better. Without regular high quality chiropractic attention I know I would be permanently on sticks or in a wheelchair, and there is nothing more the surgeons can do to prevent that. And no, I am not old!

I have visited Trish Griffiths twice to sort out two distinct but separate issues. Both have been cleared in a matter of weeks and to high degree of success.

Trish has a warm and welcoming approach that puts you at ease on arrival and along with her extensive knowledge gives you comfort you are in the hands of a professional chiropractor.

After suffering with back and knee pain for over 2 years, Trish has made a massive difference to not only my back but also knees and general joint pain. I could not recommend her treatments highly enough and will, most definitely be visiting again.

I have been a patient of Trish’s for some years now and have been impressed with her continuing/growing professional knowledge and skills. Her treatment is always tailored to my specific needs, and the warm and calm atmosphere in her treatment room allows me to relax and enjoy the benefits of the treatment. I always know I will finish my treatment feeling so much better than when I arrived.